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hongmeiling's Journal
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in hongmeiling's LiveJournal:

Saturday, April 15th, 2006
9:23 am
Ohmigosh >_
Aya the peppy little tengu just informed me that she deliverd the letter, and so I stuck to the agreement that we would have an interview soon, she never told me exactly what it would be about, for all I know it could be about the Chinese language or about socks...

But I can only assume that Sakuya sama knows about the date I planned for her, and about the fancy resturant we will attend. On my free time (usualy after work) I would window shop looking for the perfect dress to wear, im trying to decide between a formal gown from my native China, or maby something the Japanese would prefer to wear? I keep telling my self just to remeber the words my grandma told me, to never rely on what others tell you to do, and just follow your heart. So I will let my heart decide once I find the perfect dress to wear.

And for those who thought I did not have enough money for this kind of thing? Every thing has been planned out ahead of time, I found out how much the average dress would cost, and saved exactly enough money so I could buy the best for the occasion, the resturant has all been reserved ahead of time, including the private seats with the view over the lake, and the meal it self.

My special gifts are still safe, those are the most important, I must protect them and keep them safe at all costs. I check every day, no, twice a day, just to make sure they are still safe.

Okay, I can do this! Everything is set! All that remains is I get the best dress before the big night! Okay... I can do this! I am Hong Meiling and I am strong! I can do this ... I hope...

Current Mood: Nervious.
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
7:28 pm
Spring kind of sucks X_x
I almost had all of my preperations for the big night ready, thankfully my gifts are safely stored away in a hidden locker I found tied to a chain in the river. I dont want ANY THING happening to those gifts :|!

But right after my break, when I found the spirits of some youkai insect and a couple humans who seemd to live honest lives, I was ready to ferry them across the lake when this REALLY hyper and peppy fairy came flying in like her life was in danger. She flew in and stopped maby two paces from my guard shack where I was greeting the spirits, and then she took in her breath...

"ITS SPRINNGG!!!" she shouted and then while I thought her display of Danmaku was very radiant, the spirits took off running as if it was the apocalypse... typicaly spirits arent harmed by Danmaku so ... it puzzled me for awhile why they ran away like so, but then I realized most of those danmaku would hit me in the process -_-; I dove into the lake, getting hit in the butt by a good couple shots, after I couldent hold my breath any longer I came back up for air and she was flying in circles screaming about spring and hit me again...

by the time she decided to leave, my guard shack was burnt, and those spirits was no ware in sight.

Jeez I hate fairies >_

Current Mood: sore
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
10:47 pm
Shopping trip success!
Rinnosuke's shop had all sorts of things, but I could not decide on what to buy! There was so many nice things, I hope she will like them... after living with her for so long, she can be so reserved that, well im sure these will do ^_^ Now I just have to trust that crazzy bird can deliver my letter on time! She dident seem too nice about it, but I think she was just in a hurry do her daily errants, she always seems to be doing something. Oh well ^_^

Current Mood: happy~
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
10:17 pm
Hong Meiling has almost earned enough money... I wonder what I should buy for her...
Maby Rinnosuke can have some suggestions? *makes plans to visit him tonight after my workshift is over*
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
10:06 pm
How can something like this possibly exist?
Yamada ojou sama >_< I have a problem!
It hurts, in ways I dont think I can understand right now >_<;

While that doll lady has been a problem recently, she is nothing compared to that ghost lady, I think her name is Yuyuko...
Thankfully I took my computer with me to work today, so I could check my email while waiting for spirits to come to the lake, then she came >__>

Just thinking of that doll is making me feel a bit better, I think I might be able to use the scythe as a crutch and stand for a bit, ive gotten used a long time ago to always carry asprin with me just for this type of situation, because I know that once a broken limb's feeling returns...
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
10:19 am
whew, this has been a hard week! so many unusual people have been coming to the lake, lots of humans who have had their life drained from them, and some depressed youkai.. but I did my best to escourt them across the lake! I have been doing my best to keep out people who arent yet dead, and who does not belong near the lake, only those who Yamada ojou sama authorizes should attempt to cross the lake!! I had to keep out some annoying guests who visit the lake, im still getting used to the scythe, but it usefull to have, and that calculator ojou sama, has really helped out when counting their river crossing toll! And now that I have recieved my first paycheck, I can now pay Alice chan for that Sakuya doll, the mansion can be rather big and spooky at night, so it helps to have a friend with you at night ^_^

Hong Meiling will keep working her hardest!

Current Mood: energetic
Monday, March 27th, 2006
2:24 pm
A new Hong Meiling! A new job!
It looks like my hard work has paid off, after walking forever, I woke up in a bed at a mysterious mansion owned by Yama..xanadu.. I think her name is, she told me she is looking for a new river guard of some sort, im only supposed to allow people who are dead to pass, she will give me a sctyhe to help in that task. Also im supposed to ask for a toll to allow them to pass, if they dont pay, I get to let them drown in the river o_o even though they are dead... The way she explained a spirits money was a bit confusing, but I think ill understand it in good time, because I was interested in the job, she already gave me a nice BIG room and a bed and a wardrobe and a desk and a nice big window with a great view of the uh.. underworld. I dont think I will have to worry about cold nights in this place, even if I was living out side! Its so nice and toasty here. I dont think this place has a sun, where ever it is, but when im at the river I can sit and enjoy the sun shine. Although Yama sama told me not to slack off! And I promised her I would work my hardest!

Tomorrow I can start guarding the river, and learn how to send the spirits on their way!
Hong Meiling will fight as hard as she can!!

Current Mood: A whole new Meiling!
Friday, March 24th, 2006
11:30 am
My first post from my house
Owww im still recovering from Sakuya Izayoi sama's attack earlier this week, normally I am pretty strong and I can withstand her abuse, but some of the things she said to me this last week was too much... although I think she is just upset from me failing to stop that ghost princess from gaining access to the mansion and its garden again, I understand she created quite a mess but I did not get to witness most of it... im still not sure what happend after she materialized at the front gate, as every thing went to darkness shortly after. But later that day I recoverd and I was in Sakuya Izayoi sama's arms, I thought I must have been in heaven at first, but I soon found out I was to be in hell.

Thats all in the past now, my legs are almost fully recoverd and I can now use this computer I found, oh yes! I did find a old discarded computer in the dumpster where I usualy eat from, I was supprised it still works, and sence the Scarlet Devil Mansion is using a wireless internet, I can gain access from the out side, and by the way, I am not sure if I did properly set this journal entry to be private (I dont want you know who to be reading this), im still learning alot about how the internet works.

The internet is truely amazing though! there are so many resources out there, I have been searching places like Yahoo and MSN for things like affordable housing and new job openings out there, there are even places looking for new door guards! But I have also been reading about China, I am thinking of moving back there to my family, but a part of me, although as broken and beating up as it may be, still wishes to remain living here in Gensokyo. Along side the internet, I have been getting a free subscription to Aya Shameimaru san's news paper, she also pointed out there are some job openings right here in Gensokyo! Right about now im more than willing to take any job! I hear there is a opening over at the bunnys mansion in the bamboo forest, maby I will travel there and see if I can apply?

Oh shoot! There is some one coming to the gate! I better hurry!
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